CERTIFIED TRAINING CENTER FOR aestheticians and cosmetologist
Our training centers in Moscow, New York, Batumi, Dubai
Diploma of the international standard with inclusion in the FRDO

More than 2000 cosmetologists have graduated in different countries (USA, United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Thailand, Bali, Egypt, Turkey, South Korea, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan)
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Dermatologist, treated more than 2000 patients worldwide

Owner of training centers for cosmetologists in Moscow, New York, Batumi, Dubai
Trained more than 2000 students and gave them a new profession
Creator of the author's methodology
Founder and Chief Lecturer of LLC Educational Center
for Aesthetics and Cosmetology Kosmetik
Auther of the webinar:
Diploma of the NN State Medical Academy in the specialty "General Medicine"
Dermatologist - Cosmetologist
with 12 years experience
STEP 1, STEP 2 CK, STEP 2 CS, USMLE Residency in Dermatovenerology STEP 1, STEP 2 CK, STEP 2 CS, USMLE
Assistance in confirmation
and translation of the diploma
Organization of joint preparation
for the exam
International standard diploma
Effective tools to promote you
as a specialist in social networks
Assistance in choosing high-quality and beauty equipment (Essential Laser, HydraFacial etc)
We help to build beauty business (appropriate premises, equipment, preparations)
Training in the most top procedures in cosmetology
  • Anastasiia
    Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Head of school and head teacher
  • Asel
    Curator - expert, senior Methodologist of the course
Our school is for you if:
Do you want to try yourself in cosmetology? We give 5 first steps to your future career
You are a doctor/nurse, and you are tired on doing your job. We can help you to try yourself in cosmetology.
Tired of working in office? You are looking for a profession that will allow you to work from any place in the world
You work in the beauty industry as a permanent brow and lash master and looking to expand your services
You feel anxiety because you can't find and realize yourself in life
Frustrated that you do not give enough time to yourself and children
You have been dreaming of becoming a cosmetologist for a long time and want to go from a beginner to a Pro hand in hand with a practicing cosmetologist
You're wasting your time at a job you don't like.
As a cosmetologist,
you will be able to:
  • Increase your income
  • Leggaly operate with a valid license
  • Open your beauty studio
  • Help people to be beautiful while pursuing your passion
  • Create a convenient work schedule for yourself
  • Discover your passions, unlock your fuul potential in life, and enjoy quality time with friends and family
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