The course takes place on a learning platform in the format
of video lessons.
It also includes weekly online meetings with the teacher, communication in a private chat with course experts!
After each lesson there is homework and testing to consolidate the material.
At the end of the course, you pass a certification exam and receive an International Diploma (1200 hours).
This Diploma is nominal.
We help you to prepare for the board exam!
Fundamentals of dermatology/Structure and functions of the skin.
Integumentary tissues are the main area of application for cosmetic procedures.
Structure and functions of the skin appendages / Structure and functions of the hypodermis.
The structure and functions of the facial muscles of the head and neck / Vessels of the skin.
Skin types according to Baumann, according to Fitzpatrick.
Dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin/Features of normal and combination skin.
Theory of aging/Age-related skin changes/Pigmentation disorders.
Whitening/Care for delicate areas (eyelids, neck).
Oily skin, acne. Treatment, appointment of procedures and home care.
Aesthetic problems of the body / Body shaping / SPA treatments.
Fat Metabolism/Energy Substrates/Cellulite.
Stretch marks / Skin laxity / Varicose veins / Obesity / Obesity correction.
Thalassotherapy / Wraps
Theoretical Foundations of Aesthetician
Working hours of a beauty parlor, department. Asepsis. Antiseptics. Disinfection. Sterilization.
Consumables and Equipment Suppliers.
Promotion and development of a personal brand of a cosmetologist on Instagram and FaceBook.
Documentation and legalization of your own account.
Economics of procedures in the salon.
Legal Framework.
Organization of the work of the Cosmetology office
Facial cleaning (brushing, ultrasound cleaning, manual cleaning, instrumental cleaning). Cleansing technique on cosmetics Christina, Holy land, GiGi, Zein Obadji, Mesopharm, Kosmoteros. Combined facial cleansing. Facial on cosmetics GiGi, IMAGE, Christina, Holy land cosmetics, cool hydrogenation + atraumatic cleaning. Vacuum face cleaning.
Professional care for different skin types. Masks for the face, neck and decollete. Anti Age programs. Lifting programs for the face.
Peelings. Working with peelings, general rules, pre-peeling preparation, indications and contraindications. Superficial and medium peels. Protocols for Almond, Salicylic, Azelaic, Milky peels, peels-PRX T33, BioRepeel, Jaisner.
Massage techniques in professional facial care. Classical massage with plastic elements. Jacques massage.
Cosmetics and cosmeceuticals. Cosmetic care. Professional methods of cleansing the skin of the face, neck and decollete. Home care plans.
Basic procedures of the Beautician
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We are waiting for you at our first lesson for free
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